Network Transport Security

Network Transport Security

Network Transport Security

In today’s constantly evolving digital world, one of our most important assets is enterprise data.  It is important to secure and monitor the data through the Transport Security Layer (TSL).  At SGT we can provide a comprehensive transport security consultation, design, and validation service.

Network Monitoring

A Network tap monitors events on local networks and can alert for simple bottlenecks, breaks, or worse hostile threats and intrusions.  Let our extensive history securing large networks be part of your strategy.  SGT offers the following advanced solutions to help customers protect their networks:

  • Seamless Network Tap implementation at carrier/customer demark locations
  • Data Capture and deep packet analysis for incident analysis and mitigation
  • Layer-3 and Layer-4 network scan and audit for design and implementation validation
  • Firewall, proxy, email gateway audit and bypass detection by SSH/SSL tunnels
  • Migration and mitigation strategies from public IP space to private IP space for more secure networks

Network Testing

The latest and greatest deployed elements in a network require quantitative and/or qualitative measurements to prove their value.  Network testing is a key element to any organization, in providing ROI (return on investment) and verifiable security and performance results.  At SGT we believe in “trust but verify”.  Our network engineers are certified by multiple OEMS, and testing platforms.  This allows us to offer customers the following testing services:

  • Site to site network connectivity validation, VPN tunnels, ftp, sftp, SSH tunnels, application connectivity
  • DHCP server detection, client detection and validation against corporate VPN systems
  • IPV4 to IPV6 migration and in-place upgrade for existing network
  • Employee and customer ingress and egress network validation
  • Network element vulnerability, security leakage detection via configuration validation

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