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Security is much more than layers of defense. It starts at the innermost core of your network. Whether your business builds products or simply relies on them, you need to decide at what point your application is ‘good enough to deploy.’ Every vulnerability your team does not catch in pre-deployment will end up becoming a patch once in operation. Your best option is good offense, a path often neglected. When it comes to security, the industry focuses primarily on layers of defense against cyber-attacks. While a good defense is essential, it crumbles under pressure when not balanced with a good offense. Testing and training against realistic loads and cyberattacks before a product or service is deployed uncovers performance and security issues early. Prevent attacks from occurring in the first place and your operational costs will drop. Discovering vulnerabilities at earlier stages is much less expensive for both your products and your business.


The 4 key competencies to security:

Develop: Testing the capabilities of security products in simulated environments to eliminate vulnerabilities prior to live deployment

Train: Prepare customers’ people and processes to respond to cyber attacks

Monitor: Ensure network and applications operate as expected and eliminate dangerous blind spots

Defend: Reduce customers’ network attack surface by blocking unwanted inbound traffic and preventing malicious outbound communications