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In today’s fast-paced IT market, it can be challenging for corporations to keep up with the skills that are required to maintain their environments, while still expanding their horizons. High demand coupled with a strong job market make finding skilled labor quickly difficult to do.

SGT engineers are some of the best in the marketplace. Each engineer is selected for their individual strengths, ingenuity, and aptitude, and works to achieve the highest levels of certification each year.

When you work with SGT, you can sleep easy knowing that you are getting not just one engineer but the resources and benefits of our entire ecosystem. Anytime a SGT engineer is working on a deliverable for you, he or she has the full support of our company and has access to any of our numerous resources including (but not limited to) white papers, partner portals, technical trainings, SALIENT labs, additional engineers, etc.

Whether you’re looking to hire for a contract, part-time or permanent position, you are sure to find a strong return on your investment from a SGT resident engineer.