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Salient’s Networking Capabilities

Salient’s networking solutions are designed to deliver the performance that enterprise businesses need for mission-critical applications and services. Our solutions incorporate robust security and data protection measures that will help to keep you protected from increasingly sophisticated threats and malicious hackers.

Salient engineers can help you identify current and future use patterns, expansion projections, and security considerations before designing a strong foundational network infrastructure that satisfies the requirements of your business. Good configuration is dynamic configuration, no matter how complex. Our highly skilled engineers assess your current infrastructure before you buy, and will work to overcome short-term obstacles while honing an effective, strategic IT optimization plan that will keep your businesses online.

Unified Communications

In today’s fast-paced data centers, having separate voice, data, and video infrastructures can seriously interfere with everyone’s productivity. By unifying those communications, IT can meet the challenges of using multiple communication methods in a multi-platform infrastructure.
Salient is here to help you efficiently unify those communication processes. Our wealth of experience planning and implementing network solutions creates a bedrock of knowledge from which to draw.


The challenges of adding mobility to enterprise businesses include adding an extra load on the network, introducing new security risks, and boosting IT complexity and management overhead.
In addition, providing compatibility between personal devices and company-supplied equipment, while maintaining access to important files that reside on the network is a real challenge. Salient can help you establish mobile security policies that protect your network while enabling the functions that your employees need to be fully productive.

Software Defined Networking

The expansion of infrastructures with varying designs and interoperability issues can complicate communications and impede business success. Salient is able to identify actual and potential bottlenecks, and develop network strategies that drive increased productivity.
The use of software-defined networking tools is another arrow in our technical experts’ quiver – a critical assist in identifying the causes of congestion and addressing them successfully.