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Providing cutting edge IT solutions that can transform a business start with a concept and idea in a lab.  Unfortunately, often times too much time and effort is wasted maintaining the infrastructure for practical work to be accomplished.

SGT’s highly experienced engineers provide a strong and cohesive support structure for any size enterprise lab.  With a wide breadth of expertise from network security, to infrastructure virtualization, to private/hybrid clouds, to storage optimization SGT can provide a dynamic team capable of maintaining your lab infrastructure.

In order to provide the best solution for any of our customer we provide tailored options to choose from, including:

  1. On site certified lab support engineers – RHCE, Openstack, VMware, CCIE, OCM, etc
  2. Lab Support 8x5xNBD – Linked to our Production support teams but reduced pricing to match lab requirements
  3. Asset tracker – Asset Platform for quick tracking and accountability of environment
  4. Platform Blue Printing
  5. Technology Training