Lab as a Service (Laas)

Lab as a Service (Laas)

Lab as a Service (LaaS) solutions increase efficiency, scale, and automation capabilities.  This flexibility provides a business the ability to continuously apply testing, while reducing CapEx and OpEx.

Salient Global Technologies can provide lab consulting and design services to build customized environments purpose-built for your needs.  With elastic demand, shared resources, and managed on- or off-prem we can support your infrastructure needs. 

Testing Platform

We work with clients to understand their requirements and help develop the test environments and objectives necessary to ensure the highest standards. Next, we deploy the tools and test harness tailored to the environment. Monitoring the environment, we will:

  • Optimize scalability
  • Drive productivity
  • Proactively alert
  • Develop real-time alerting

Multi-Vendor Integration Testing

SGT’s network of partnerships allows for a “best of breed” solutions approach to customer requirements.  Our LaaS solutions can be assembled to fit a specified requirement. 

Or built-in multiple configurations to find the best possible solution, for RFP testing with multi-vendor testing.  Utilizing SGT lab facilities and services we can test a multitude of solutions against a suite of automated test cases, to deliver validated solutions and vendors.  Reducing IT staff time testing, facilities commission/decomm, and sourcing overheard with unqualified vendors.    

If you would like to know more about LaaS (Lab as a Service) and how it can save you CapEx and OpEx please contact us at