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Modernize and migrate your applications, build new cloud-based applications, and transform your architecture and infrastructure while moving to a new technology operating model.

Our technical expertise helps you accelerate realization of business value through cloud adoption. Uniquely, we can support you end-to-end – from strategy ideation, to migration, operation and run



IoT – Application Enablement Platforms

IoT – Connected Device Platforms

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Waiting until the technology is more mature for the organization to adopt AI in a holistic and transformative way will be outpaced by the competition. Regardless of their digital maturity to date – to view AI with this lens of opportunity will ultimately be best able to differentiate their organizations in the eyes of their customers.

We provide solutions and intelligent technologies to help you orchestrate the future state of your business today

Big Data Analytics

Threat Analytics

Network Analytics

Data Transformation

Data Discretion

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Our proven software development practices and technical expertise with open source software enables clients to migrate from their current systems to open source options with minimal down-time, security issues, business rules violations, and unplanned expenses

Our development team can develop and scale the micro-service components , enabling efficient use of resources and rapid reaction to changes in workload.

Application Development & Support

Open Source Development & Migration

Technology Consulting 

API & Micro-services

Professional Services

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