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Odoo • Image and Text

ATOV – Asset Tracking, Organization and Visualization

Track valuable IT hardware and software assets in one repository. ATOV is scalable, customizable and deployable locally on private or public clouds.


  • Complete asset life-cycle tracking

  • Hardware/software inventory management

  • Purchase order tracking

  • Management across unlimited physical locations

  • Contract management

  • End of life analysis tool

  • Fixed asset depreciation API

  • Bar-code capability

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Odoo • Image and Text

SGT Edge - Collects and processes data based on a time series platform.

  • System log analytics 

  • Network Analytics

  • Application Log Analytics

  • Threat Analytics

  • Real-time Alerting


SGT Cloud Maker™ encompasses provisioning resources and Cloud operation tools like continuous integration and deployment, log management, monitoring integration, governance, and reporting.

Benefits Include

  • Shorter deployment time

  • Less provisioning windows

  • Added scaling flexibility

  • Access to easily enhanced cloud-optimized applications.

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