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About Infrastructure

SGT infrastructure solutions are client-centric. Made to suit. Our data center design, network management, infrastructure engineering services and OpenStack compute services are defined and customized based on specific project requirements.

Solution flexibility is key. SGT is not dependent on one vendor product. Instead, we choose from a myriad of WhiteBox solutions to create a one-off solution best suited to meet your needs.

Data Center Services

SGT Data Center Services create robust systems that look to the future. Leaf-spine network technologies increase data flow, control plane orchestration focuses on external networks, compute and storage design meets application requirements while scale-out, reliability testing and validation complete an installation.

Data Center Staging

SGT Data Center Staging encompasses everything from build to installation. Some ‘moving parts’ include synthetic networks, OMM components, remote customer access, full-rack assembly, hardware and application installation, and security hardening and pen testing. Click here for a full list.

Network Management

Infrastructure expansion can easily become an IT quagmire. Engineers deal with innumerable design and interoperability issues and have to figure out how to make it all either migrate, work together, or both.
SGT Critical Assist circumvents that problem by using software-defined networking tools prior to migration or expansion to identify not only actual, but potential roadblocks. Identifying causes of congestion before they’re a problem makes defining a streamlined and cost-effective installation network expansion a reality.
SGT creates holistic digital ecosystems, providing end-to-end business applications and IT infrastructure while reducing cost and complexity.

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