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Rapid NFV Cloud Deployment.

It’s possible: Four weeks to private cloud deployment

Salient Global Technologies (SGT) and Metaswitch Networks partner on a pre-integrated Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) OpenStack private cloud that is ready for service in 4 weeks.

As Physical Network Functions (PNF) are deprecated and virtualized solutions become mainstream, Communication Service Providers (CSP) need a separate set of skills to deploy and operate software-only communications solutions. The SGT/Metaswitch partnership eliminates the complexity of designing and deploying a carrier-grade OpenStack solution, ultimately freeing operators from the limitations of expensive and proprietary infrastructure options.

The pre-integrated and thoroughly tested cloud platform is engineered specifically for highly-available CSP workloads and includes all components and training necessary to operate a multi-tenant OpenStack cloud with cloud-native VNF’s from Metaswitch.

Here’s how: Metaswitch software takes advantage of cloud scalability, and automation and analytic tools while SGT services bring IP network routing/switching and storage elements, commercial off the shelf (COTS) server hardware alongside project management.

In addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Metaswitch’s Rhino TASPerimeta SBC, and Clearwater Core I/S-CSCF, SGT operational tools such as automated deployment, logging and monitoring provide the necessary elements of a production cloud, eliminating the complexity of designing and deploying a carrier-grade OpenStack solution with the integration of Metaswitch VNF.

The total package delivers and on-boards the operator’s infrastructure and automation of Metaswitch VNFs deployed on OpenStack.

The Solutions Map


Let SGT and Metaswitch design and deploy the virtualization infrastructure and the communication VNFs to kick start your own cloud for VoLTE, VoWifi and 5G use cases.  Contact us to discuss a POC using OpenStack and the latest automation techniques to demonstrate the value it can bring to your service development and management strategies. 

SGT creates holistic digital ecosystems, providing end-to-end business applications and IT infrastructure while reducing cost and complexity.

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