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SGT Cloud


About Cloud

You want coherence of operations and economies of scale. You need beautifully designed and implemented cloud computing. You need SGT.

Cloud Means More Business

SGT complete cloud migration and implementation solutions mean companies large and small more efficiently utilize resources and make decisions using real-time  operational data. That saves money and time. That increases profit.

SGT infrastructure engineers define a complete cloud migration and implementation path for clients and walk it with them. Solutions are built on a scalable infrastructure in a virtualized environment where clients share technology and files cross-platform while capitalizing on a seamless pay-as-you-go IT delivery and support model.

Features and Benefits

Features include reduced provisioning windows and deployment time, scaling flexibility, access to enhanced cloud-optimized applications, variable operating costs, and offloading infrastructure maintenance.

Benefits include increased IT adaptability throughout the technology life-cycle, increased agility, access to cloud-based resources, and well-managed traffic spikes.

Here's How We Do it

Implementing fundamentals of project management, SGT system engineers begin planning by working closely with client initiators. Client/SGT teams then work side-by-side through the subsequent phases of execution, monitoring/controlling and finalization.
Specific approaches to cloud transformations range from merging functionality with modern cloud apps (where possible), to a full application rebuild in the cloud using modern architecture and best practices. Click here for more.
SGT creates holistic digital ecosystems, providing end-to-end business applications and IT infrastructure while reducing cost and complexity.

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