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Case Study


The Client is a startup, and was in business of collecting medical samples from home and delivering quality Smart Report(AI based) results directly to customer via email/app or mail. As the volume grew to 100+/day the disparate applications where difficult to manage.

SGT Solution:

  • SGT's Healthcare Platform was perfect fit for the customer

  • Locations, catalog, price-list was easily adopted into the platform

  • Lab integration and tracking was easily integrated

  • Easily configurable payment gateway

  • Mobile APP configurations

Business Value:

  • Easing operations by consolidating all the desperate application into one

  • Real-time monitoring of the Order Fulfillment and planning

  • Increase in call center productivity and accuracy

  • Fully automated report delivery by integrating labs

  • Increase productivity of the field agents by providing smart route option for collecting samples

  • Health vault showing customer all test reports with past history

  • AI based SMART Reports


Odoo • Image and Text

Fully customizable website

  • Tests and Categories

  • Multi-City and Multi-lab

  • Offers, Coupons and Cashback

  • Wallet & Payment Gateway integration

  • Customizable UI

Customer Mobile APP

  • Fully Customizable UI

  • Health Reports

  • All of the feature from the Website

Agent APP

Sample Collection Agent APP

  • Task View

  • Navigation to customer

  • Order View and Edit

  • New order creation

  • Pictures and upload functionality

  • Barcode reader

  • Dashboard

Odoo • Text and Image

Back Office Administration

Odoo • Image and Text

Call center, Back-office & Lab Integration

  • Analytics

  • Roles and Authorization

  • Lab Integration with equipment

  • Create Orders via phone

  • Monitor call center performance

  • Manage catalogs & price list

  • Easily create new city

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