Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking

Private LTE with Carrier Back-Haul

We partner with carriers to provide a reliable and robust foundation of wireless connectivity, IoT will bring a new level of efficiency and sustainability to everything from Manufacturing, utilities, airports, shipping, office building, farming, mines, and oil platforms.

We setup the private LTE to enterprises so they can reap the below benefits

Enterprise connectivity to IoT devices

Smart city Applications

Secured communications


What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined Wide Area Networks, more commonly known as SD-WAN, are an application of software-defined networking (SDN) made possible by WAN virtualization. It serves as an evolution of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) that simplifies the management of WANs by separating the control plane from the data plane.


According to Research firm Gartner an SD-WAN should have the following characteristics:

  • The ability to support multiple connection types (MPLS, 4G LTE, etc.)
  • The ability to do dynamic path selection, for load sharing and resiliency purposes
  • A simple interface that is easy to configure and manage
  • The ability to support VPNs, and third-party services (WAN optimization controllers, firewalls, etc.)


Benefits of SD-WAN

As we enter the era of cloud services and Software and Infrastructure-as-a-service models take over, existing WANs are struggling to keep up with the increase in traffic as the traditional routing model is not cloud-friendly and physical expansion is costly. SD-WAN offers the following advantages:

  • Improved Quality of Service
    • High availability
    • Application-aware routing
  • Reduced costs
    • Fewer hardware requirements due to virtualization
    • Supports vendor agnostic hardware
  • Centralized administration
    • Single management dashboard
    • Operator gets a complete view of the network
  • Cloud Optimization
    • Easily extend the network to new public clouds
    • Can be optimized for popular cloud platforms (AWS, Azure) and SaaS applications (O365, GSuite)
  • Improved security
    • Secured via IPsec
    • Application-aware policies

While MPLS is not going anywhere anytime soon, SD-WAN has shown massive potential for growth. Traditional MPLS-based WANs suffer from complicated setup and prohibitive costs making SD-WAN a great alternative.