SGT’s experience with voice, data, AV, access controls, and structure cabling systems makes us an ideal partner for projects that require an in-depth multi-service scope. This range of experience allows an in-depth understanding of today’s most demanding and complex technology projects. This model allows SGT to deliver turnkey solutions ranging from minor renovations to complex design builds.

Salient Global Technologies is a construction contracting firm that provides professional services skilled contractors and engineers that allows our firms to have an expertise skilled workers with the expertise to complete efficiently and safely. SGT works with installation and handles all procurements with large general contractors on divisions:

  • Electrical (27)
  • Communications (28)
  • Electronic Safety & Security

Design-Build Consultation

SGT has the capability to provide multi-discipline techniques that are highly effective in meeting business requirements and defining technical solutions. We monitor compliance issues and track developing trends, which allows us to deliver innovative technology solutions— from small projects with a short turnaround, to large projects that span multiple phases and years. We are able to engage the design team and coordinated as required to ensure the best outcome.

  • System Concepts Design
    • System requirements document
    • Design specification
  • System Engineering
    • CAD Renderings & 3-D Illustrations
    • Block diagrams
    • Equipment Layouts
  • Budget Development & Analysis
  • Project Management / Construction Management
  • Project Scheduling / Phasing Coordination
  • System Commissioning
    • System Schematics
    • As-Built configurations management tool

Audio-Video Services

SGT delivers innovative audio/video installation solutions. From consultation, collaboration, and presentation, we’ve unified communication. We eliminate uncertainty and focus on user needs and the application of innovative A/V installation processes.

System Integration

  • Multi-media presentations
  • AV conferencing
  • Information displays
  • Control system programming
  • Internet-based remote system control

Audio Systems

  • Sound reinforcement
  • Acoustic enhancement
  • Digital auto transport technology
  • Distributed speaker systems
  • Digital signal processing

Video Systems

  • Band satellite
  • Image magnification
  • Digital streaming
  • Surveillance
  • CCTV


Voice and Data

SGT works with manufacturers, system integrators, and equipment suppliers to provide low cost and highly effective solutions to voice and LAN system requirements. SGT has the capability to provide cabling infrastructure—ranging from small data center installations to large-scale campus backbones. Our abilities include:

Various Media

  • Twisted pair
  • Coaxial
  • Custom RF assemblies
  • Broadband systems -dual and single cable

Various Networks

  • Ethernet
  • ARCNet
  • Token ring
  • FDDI
  • ATM

Various Protocols

  • TCP/IP
  • IPX
  • SNA
  • DECNet

Fiber Optics

  • Turnkey fiber optic premise distribution systems
  • Turnkey fiber optic cable systems
  • Connectorization
  • Mechanical and fusion splicing
  • OTDR and power loss testing
  • Special requirements

Small Cell Construction

Our comprehensive service model allows our team to serve our clients in a multitude of ways:

  • Modification installation
  • Line & Antenna, Microwave
  • Maintenance
  • RF Tests & Measurements