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Salient provides a complete cloud migration and implementation solution to help enterprise companies share resources more effectively, while increasing profits. Our cloud computing solution is designed to create both coherence of operations as well as economies of scale.Done correctly, cloud computing provides an on-demand and pay-as- you-go model for IT delivery resulting in the following potential benefits:

  • reduced time to deployment
  • reduced provisioning windows
  • scaling flexibility
  • access to easily enhanced cloud-optimized applications
  • shift to variable operating costs
  • offloading of infrastructure maintenance
  • freeing time and resources to facilitate a focus on strategic initiatives

Cloud technologies also increase IT adaptability throughout the different phases of the technology life-cycle by:

  • increas ingthe agility of IT and attracting new talent,
  • making resources more available within the cloud and facilitating innovation, and
  • giving you the ability to handle traffic spikes confidently and effectively.

Salient cloud implementation team works with your needs in mind, while our experience and expertise let us make specific and strategic proposals.

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