About US

Salient Global Technologies (SGT) , a certified minority-owned business operating globally with facilities in California, Texas, UAE and India. 

    SGT is a technology service provider. We work with companies globally to deliver complete custom solutions that include design, integration, deployment, and support services’ Our company is currently involved in private cloud and 5G engagements

     SGT employs over 100 professionals and administrative personnel including business analysts, engineers, scientists and mathematicians, most of whom are registered and industry credentialed. SGT provides full life-cycle information technology solutions while reducing cost and complexity. Customers value our business acumen and IT architectural capability, relying on our extensive expertise to define the best possible long-term solution to their business and technological situation. Customers experience minimal risk and know their problems get solved on time and on budget.

Some History

SGT roots began in 1999 upgrading and enhancing outdated, mission-critical software for military avionics and telecom systems. In 2010, the company partnered with industry leading technology providers to leverage large-volume COTS hardware purchasing capacity for current telecom and government customers while providing managed hosting, MPLS, and BigData services in the US, Europe and Asia. 

Our Team